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Spineor delivers expert Apache Spark and Hadoop Consulting and offers innovative solutions for all of their components including - MapReduce, Hive, Kafka, Pig, Spark, HBase, HDFS, and more. With the present advancement, it's possible to separate your data and discover arrangements from it rapidly – an effort that is slower and less compelling with logically ordinary business learning courses of action.

Big Data Solutions

  • Modern Big Data Integration that Supports Traditional systems, modern Big Data and NoSQL ecosystem.
  • Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark on Kubernetes
  • Real Time & Streaming Analytics with Apache Spark.
  • Data Ingestion & Data Transformation from different Sources (Databases, API’s, Message, Files Queues).
  • Data Modeling and Algorithm Management
  • Build Big Data Stack on Multi-Cloud.

Big Data Infrastructure Solutions
Big Data Solutions will deliver highly scalable, effective, optimized Big Data application. Our Big Data Services supports Reactive programming for developing streaming and event-driven Big Data applications. Spineor Big Data Solution enables Infrastructure Automation for Apache Spark Cluster, Apache Hadoop, and more such components.

Big Data Integration Solutions
Spineour is the leading provider of Big Data Management Solutions that helps Enterprises meet the Big Data Challenges by making Big Data Integration quick, easy and affordable. Simplify the process of working with MapReduce, Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, with Big Data Integration Solutions.

Big Data Consulting Services
At Spineor, we provide Big Data Assessment, Big Data Consulting Services and strategy for the Big Data Problems. Big Data strategy and assessment will list down diverse components required from Big Data landscape along with the tools and processes to be integrated into the Big Data Strategy as well as Big Data Implementation.

Big Data