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DevOps & Testing

It can be tricky to accurately implement testing in a DevOps environment. To solve this puzzle, Spineor creates test scripts to provide developers with continuous testing and automates reporting to suit the needs of all stakeholder teams. Spineor has built a DevOps platform that offers an integrated solution of application/service development, deployment, testing, monitoring and scaling, as well as make sure software quality, availability, security, performance and reliability.

DevOps Solution Provider
DevOps Solutions include DevOps assessment, continuous deployment, continuous integration, continuous testing and DevOps Pipelines using Jenkins and Docker. Spineor’s DevOps assessment strategy allows businesses to have speediness and technology capabilities for DevOps implementation.

DevOps For Data Science
We provide DevOps solutions for constant delivery of Big Data analytics infrastructure and data science, machine learning and deep learning using Kubernetes and Docker.

DevOps Monitoring Solutions
Our DevOps Monitoring Solutions allow you to get the visibility of microservices applications and continuous Delivery Pipeline with Kubernetes and Docker and Devops. Get monitoring Solutions powered by Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence

Continuous Delivery Solutions
There is a reason why Spineor is the leading DevOps Solution Provider. We provide end to end infrastructure automation, constant integration and continuous deployment with automated testing. DevOps solutions allow continuous delivery pipeline on Serverless Computing on Kubernetes, Docker, Hybrid and more.

In a DevOps setting, the whole team is liable for delivering new features as well as stability. The blend of a shared code base and automated deploys, test-driven techniques and continuous integration are its mainstay.

devops & testing