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What is US Staffing

Recruitment refers to the process of sourcing, screening, and selecting people for a job or vacancy within/for an organization. The process of finding possible candidates for a job or function, usually undertaken by recruiters. US Staffing is the selection process of candidates for US companies.


The largest populations of IT consultants we staff are in the fields of Application Development, Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing, and Network / Infrastructure. Some of the top technologies we specialize in include Java, C++, JavaScript, Python, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, iOS / Android, AWS, and Cisco. Our professionals support initiatives ranging from Digital Transformations, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud to Agile / Scrum / DevOps, Full Stack Development, Database, and Application Modernization.

We are familiar with all new technologies and we hire candidates as per the requirement of the organizations.


  • Help organizations to find suitable candidates
  • Time Reductions
  • A competitive Advantage for Business

how we make it all happen